About us and our company

Our mission is to combat the difficulties that people with food allergies live with. We do this through a combination of unique products and actionable information.

The Allert App is the first major step in this direction. Our app makes it easier for people with food allergies to travel to foreign countries.

Drawing from personal experience and utilizing smart technology, we are dedicated to providing our customers with concrete solutions to their food allergy challenges.



Diederik, the founder of the company, always had the dream to backpack across Asia. There was only one big problem standing in the way: a potentially lethal food allergy to dairy and peanuts.

Outside of the Anglosphere, it is difficult and often impossible to convey the condition of a food allergy to locals; a lot of people don’t understand English. The idea for the app was born.

Diederik teamed up with a good friend with iOS development skills, and they both went to work.

After two and a half years of development, Allert supports the 14 most common allergies in the world, which covers well over 90% of all cases (1). No less than 44 different display languages are supported. The app also has a feature to display a dietary message for people who choose to live a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle.

Diederik went on to travel to South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, the Phillippines, Thailand, and Indonesia.

Remote places were visited. Strange things were eaten. People who rarely saw a Westerner understood the food allergy warning he showed them in their own language.

The fact that he made it back alive is proof-of-concept as far as we are concerned.

Now it’s your turn to do the same.

Your food allergy doesn’t have to stop you from traveling the world anymore.

Version 0.1 of Allert

Version 0.1 was a print-out from the database. Limited in function, but it worked!


We have a road-map ready for new features and updates to the app. Android and Windows versions are part of our future time-line.

There are also big plans for this website in relation to the app.

We will continue to identify and create innovative, helpful products and services, while never losing sight of the ultimate goal: To be of service to our customer family.

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